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I am a fan of beauty! And for many years, I have been a huge fan of Tel Aviv based designer Galia Lahav; her designs are nothing short of amazing.  Her body hugging dresses with plunging backs and wind flowing features make a bride float into a room when she first appears.  This is why I was beyond honored when we got to work with her and her incredible team to photograph some of her classic designs, as well as her new line of ready to wear gowns.  We worked for over a year to make sure that we not only found a place that would describe and showcase her gowns in all their glory, but also would give us the freedom of creativity of what we wanted to do.  After many months of planning and coordinating, we found a place that fit, the Trinity Institute in Tehuacana, Texas.  This place had everything we were looking for. The history in this building is just incredible and was a perfect accent backdrop for the detail oriented Galia gowns. During three days, we shot and filmed a total of thirteen gowns.  So I share with you the final images, as well as our first feature Hiram Trillo Film.  If you want to see the newest Galia designs, make sure to check them out and follow her instagram feed where you will catch some of our images and their latest news.

Galia_Lahav_0001 Galia_Lahav_0002 Galia_Lahav_0003 Galia_Lahav_0004 Galia_Lahav_0005 Galia_Lahav_0006 Galia_Lahav_0007 Galia_Lahav_0008 Galia_Lahav_0009 Galia_Lahav_0010 Galia_Lahav_0011 Galia_Lahav_0013 Galia_Lahav_0014 Galia_Lahav_0015 Galia_Lahav_0016 Galia_Lahav_0017 Galia_Lahav_0018 Galia_Lahav_0019 Galia_Lahav_0020 Galia_Lahav_0021 Galia_Lahav_0022 Galia_Lahav_0023 Galia_Lahav_0024 Galia_Lahav_0025 Galia_Lahav_0026 Galia_Lahav_0027 Galia_Lahav_0028 Galia_Lahav_0029 Galia_Lahav_0030 Galia_Lahav_0031 Galia_Lahav_0032 Galia_Lahav_0033 Galia_Lahav_0034[flo_instagram_follow label=”Follow me” instagram_url=”” ]

Galia Lahav Film from Hiram Trillo on Vimeo.



Set Design| Shaun Rao RAOFACTOR

Make up and  Hair Artistry| Renee and Ishshah ISHNAE & CO

Make up| Kelsey Capo

Photography| Hiram Trillo

Cinematography| Mason Gray

Models| Alyssa, Sabrina, Taylor The Campbell Agency



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